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For support call 888-752-9049 and I will try to help over the phone (for free).
If I can't make any progress over the phone I can try to access your machine
over the Internet and try to correct your problem remotely BUT....
before I connect, please click here to review my billing policy.

Major credit cards accepted

Don't like high hourly repair rates? Join the club!

Help & Support for Windows, Mac and Linux
Microsoft Mac Ubuntu Linux

Hours of operation

I usually start taking calls at 10:30 am (EST) and continue until about 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. I do work with people on Weekends and in the evening by appointment only. Need help? Call me any time Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:30 am and 5:00 pm. If you get my voice mail it just means that I am probably on a call and if you leave your name and number, I will return your call promptly as soon as I am finished with the call that I am on.

I have a testimonial in my email inbox from arguably my most famous client!

Lance Willock (a.k.a. Santa Clause)Having had to call on Sean twice in the past two years to free my computer of viruses, I was pleased that he was not only able to clean the viruses from my computer but also to restore operational speed.
One in home visit, took 3 hours of his time and the other was at least two hours. I gladly paid for his time. So, when he mentioned to maintenance club with monthly tune ups between his and my computer directly, I was very interested.
When he told me what the cost per month would be, I quickly deducted that his cost to me per year for this monthly service would be much less than the service call I had needed before.
The added advantage of finding problems in an early stage and the convenience of a phone call each month for the service, sold me very quickly.
Knowing that Sean will be there each month for my computer check up is reassuring and I would recommend Sean and this service to everyone.
Lance Willock (a.k.a. Santa Claus)

A few more testimonials....

Sean McCarthy has been my source for fixing my computer when things go bad with my laptop.  He has worked on my computers, at least, six times over the past few years. Sean has also been a source of information, and immediate assistance, when needed.  Sometimes, I just wanted my computer to be working again and not have to consider buying a new laptop and learning another computers operating system. I pay my auto repair person good money to fix my car when I can't drive it, for some reason. I pay my orthopedic surgeon really good money to fix my shoulders and knee when they needed to be surgically repaired. I pay Sean McCarthy what he asks for because of the same reasons I pay good money to the Dr. & Auto Mechanic. Sean McCarthy fixes my computer, tweaks it so that it runs efficiently, and answers any questions I might have.  Over the past twenty years of using computer Doctors to fix a problem for me, Sean is, by far, the most trustworthy person I have ever let touch my computer.

Don Covington, FL

I don’t normally do this but this is one vendor that I highly recommend. I pay $27 a month and he keeps my system up and running and free of everything evil.  He’s on call 24/7 (I think, I’ve not ever been unable to reach him when I needed him).  He saved my bacon more than once and really knows how to dig deep to solve my problems.  I honestly believe that he has saved me more than I have paid him – both in hardware and software. He comes on line (with your permission and at your convenience) once a month, bangs around for five or ten minutes and bang… clean system, doing what it should w/no worries on my part.  I highly recommend him.

Carl, FL

I had used Sean's computer expertise for 15 years in my audio recording business, so I didn't hesitate in seeking his help to create, my website offering CRAZY cell phone ring tones,  radio ads and emailed messages in several cartoony voices, and scriptwriting!  A vast array of Sean's technical and creative skills were needed to meet my requirements for a totally user friendly platform. They included  animation, graphic art, knowledge of different cell phone operating systems, web design and web engineering. I couldn't be more pleased! 
Blue Hoyt, Stuart FL

I have known Sean McCarthy for many years. And I have always been able to rely on him for my computer needs. I am a solo attorney running my own practice, and like most small businesses. I rely on my office computers to stay profitable. Recently, when my server went down with a virus. Sean jumped right in and was able to get all of my programs and data switched over to the new computer. And he was able to do it remotely! I would not hesitate to refer Sean for any of your personal or business computer needs.
William F. Gallese, Esq., Stuart,FL

HI Sean-Your timely article in the paper re anti virus programs just saved me $65.00 annually that I would have spent on renewing the antivirus programs that were installed on my computer when I bought it. I was not aware that there were any free programs available. Thanks to your helpful info I just downloaded & installed Avira. My computer seems to run much faster too.
Barbara, Florida

At library recently, I read Sebastian Hometown News and found Computer Column in there by Sean McCarthy who identifies himself as a fixer of computers. I talked to him 3-4 times on phone and later "engaged" him to help me. Sean remotely took over my machine, unclogged it, corrected a Comcast toolbar issue, cleaned it up and uninstalled my McAfee security (free) and installed AVG (also free) which he claims is better, uses less resources, etc. Everything now works better than before and much faster. It cost me $52.00 and I feel it is money very well spent and now I have a computer guy to call on when I have a need. Giving credit to where due: www.computethisonline and I thank you again for your efforts and shall look forward to a time when we might meet personally so I can shake your hand.
Regards, John

Just a note to tell how grateful I was to find Sean McCarthy, Computer Guru, and COMPUTE THIS to repair my computer. I have been reading his articles for the past couple years and made the decision to call him instead of taking my computer to a shop. Inadvertently, after a power outage, I had pressed the F10 button on my keyboard and lost all my files, documents, pictures, folders, etc. I contacted Sean, who was friendly, patient, extremely knowledgeable and able to restore what I thought to be lost data. All the work was done on the phone, over the internet and in less than two hours, my computer was up and running with all my data back and in tact. He performed what he called "a data transplant" and I must say it was "painless." I have already recommended Sean to several of my friends and once you have called him, you will realize what a great decision it was. Thank you, Sean!
Alice, Port Saint Lucie

My computer was so slow that I thought I had used up all of the memory and I was about to go out and replace the entire computer with a brand new one. I saw an article in my local paper from a computer repair guy called the MouseWhisperer that said he could fix computers on the internet and listed a very reasonable price. Since I had nothing to lose, I called Sean McCarthy and after explaining my problem, he took control of my computer and within minutes my computer was operating like new. Sean took the time to explain why the computer slowed down and also replaced my security system with a free system. All of this within one hour and at a very reasonable price. No waiting at home for someone to show up. Just one phone call and the problem was fixed.
Dan, Florida
Sean McCarthy 888-752-9049
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Avoid smashing your computer with a brick as this will void most warranties.
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