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Tired of paying hundreds of dollars every time you have computer problems?


Wouldn't it be easier to have an expert set up your machine and then maintain it every month for a low monthly fee?


Lets face it, computer maintenance is expensive. At over a hundred bucks an hour one unexpected glitch like a virus infection or registry problem can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. And who's to say that next month it won't be something different?


Most of the issues that I regularly clean up wouldn't be an issue if people would just take the time to keep their machines properly maintained - just like changing the oil in your car.


But what steps should people take? "Everyone" knows that they should have their system backed up and their antivirus up to date but no one takes the time to learn how to do it properly let alone do it every month.


What we've put together here - the computer service club - is a way to offset the high cost of sudden repairs by performing regular monthly "check ups" to make sure things are running smoothly. This way we can stop little issues before they become big ones.


We want to start out with a clean system - so when you sign up, we'll connect to your system and do a full tune up and get it running in tip top shape. Even if it's infected with viruses or malware, we'll clean it first. We'll even recommend a suitable backup drive, set it up and make sure it's configured properly. 


Then, once a month we will reconnect and give the system a once over. Use this time to ask any questions that you have and we'll look at any issues that may have come up. We'll verify your system, your antivirus, your backup and security. And we'll make sure you are all set for the next month.
For $324 per year the numbers are easy. Let's say that it takes us an hour to set you up and then an hour a month to maintain. That's 12 hours spread out over the year at the very minimum! At $156 per hour that's over $1,800 worth of labor that you're getting for just $324. 

We even accept machines with "preexisting" conditions!

More than 1 computer? No problem! Additional computers can be added to your membership for as little as $120.00 per year!

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Not only everything listed above but you will also get access to the Members Only area where you will get a free email address and have access to our libraries where you'll find hundreds of useful resources.

If you're all set and are ready to join now, call us at 888-752-9049 or 772-408-0680 to get us on the phone or select the number of computers we will be supporting and click the subscribe button below to get started. 


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Avoid smashing your computer with a brick as this will void most warranties.
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